Professional Oven Cleaning Near Warwick

Looking for a Professional Oven cleaning service near Warwick then you have come to the right place.

Fresher Floors, your Professional Oven Cleaning service near Warwick, Leamington, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Kenilworth and Surrounding areas of South Warwickshire.

We are a truly local, independent and fully insured, family run business committed to the best levels of service and customer satisfaction.

Fresher Floors carries out what was voted the most hated household job so that you don’t have to.

Because we are independent and not a franchise we can use the best available cleaning solutions not those prescribed by others. We use a combination of the best non- caustic, non-abrasive, ECO and Bio cleaning products alongside our professional bespoke heated oven cleaning dip tank.

Employing our proven cleaning processes we clean your oven to a standard no DIY solution can match in 1/2 the time.

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Fresher Floors Oven cleaning process

Most cleaning companies offer oven cleaning as an additional service. However there will be limitations to what can be achieved without the right tools, equipment and technical knowledge.

Fresher Floors deep oven cleaning service includes cleaning of not just the parts you can see. We also clean areas not visible but where grease harbours and causes bad smells when cooking.

  1. Our first job will be to carry out a full inspection of the oven. We check everything is working and confirm it’s current condition.
  2. Next we cover all the surrounding areas adjacent to the area we are working in, protecting your units, worktops and flooring.
  3. After isolating the appliance we remove the doors (where possible) to enable easy access. We will then remove all the racks, trays and side panels (if applicable) as well as the fan cover, fan, light cover and seals. These are then back scraped before being placed in our professional van mounted oven cleaning dip tank.
  4. We then return to the property to begin cleaning the inside of the oven. Initially this will be scraped to remove large parts of baked on grease and stubborn carbon before the application of a degreaser.
  5. Whilst the degreaser starts to work we then do what’s called “splitting the doors” to take them apart to remove those annoying runs inside the glass leaving your doors crystal clean.
  6. Attention then returns to the interior of the oven removing remaining grease before finishing with glass cleaner to make it shine.
  7. By now the heated oven tank will have effortlessly removed the grease and stubborn carbon deposits from the items in tank so all that will be required is a light wipe and rinse.
  8. All that remains is to reassemble the removed parts, check all is working and reset the clock before a final check to remove any finger marks.

 And there you have it a Fresher Oven!

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Fresher Floors Oven Cleaning Prices

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Please note minimum visit charge of £70

Pictures of appliances will be required at point of booking in order to check model and condition.

Parking is required directly outside the property as cleaning is carried out using a van mounted tank.

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